Jeremy Hugget's Band of Gold
  "A fantastic band led by one of the best tenor players in the UK"
Jeremy Huggett's Band of Gold

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jeremy Huggett's Band of Gold

What type of music do they play?

Band of Gold can play a wide range of different types of music to cater for all musical tastes e.g. traditional and mainstream jazz, swing, dinner/lounge jazz, blues, rock & roll and the sounds of the 60s & 70s.

Click on the SAMPLE PLAY LIST to have a look at some of the songs that they can play for you. Please bear in mind that this is only a sample - if there are specific songs that you want, Band of Gold can include these as part of their performance on your special day.

Just tell them what you want and they'll play it !!

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Can they play the music for our Wedding ceremony?

No problem! The musicians in Band of Gold are so versatile they can provide the music for weddings and civil ceremonies, as well as playing for the wedding guests upon arrival and at the wedding reception afterwards.

Just let them know what music you would like for your ceremony, and they’ll do the rest.

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What do I need to provide?

Not much really!

All we need is an electric socket – Band of Gold bring all their own instruments, amplification and lighting.

The amplification is used not to make the band sound loud, but to enhance the announcements and vocals - they are happy to play at a volume that suits you.

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I want a strolling band - can you help?

Led by Jeremy on saxophone, he can add a trombone, banjo and tuba to transform Band of Gold into a strolling band that is guaranteed to entertain your guests and get their feet tapping. As they’re totally acoustic with no amplification they don’t need any electricity.

This enables them to move about and become "wandering minstrels" playing amongst the audience.

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Can I choose the size of the Band that I want?

Yes, you can choose the size of the band that you want to suit the size of your venue and your budget, and to help create the right ambience for your special day or event.

Below is a list of different combinations you might like to consider, but ultimately, the choice is yours:-

DUO – saxes/vocals & either guitar or keyboards

TRIO – saxes/vocals, guitar or keyboards & bass

4 PIECE – saxes/vocals, guitar or keyboards, bass & drums

5 PIECE - saxes/vocals, trombone, guitar or keyboards, bass & drums

6 PIECE - saxes/vocals, trombone, trumpet, guitar or keyboards, bass & drums

Again, just tell Jeremy what you want, and he'll do the rest !

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How can I hear the Band?

Just click on the LISTEN button to the left of this page to hear a selection of the different types of music that Band of Gold can provide for you.

Please bear in mind that this is just a sample, and that Jeremy can provide you with a “tailor made” band that meets your own individual musical requirements for your special day.

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How can I book Band of Gold?

That's easy - just contact Jeremy on the CONTACTS PAGE and he'll talk through your requirements and what he can do for you.

Alternatively, you can post a message by going to the CONTACT FORM.

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